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ORHAY is a non-profit organization established and registered in Sweden in October of 2002. However, its activities are spread all over the world and are not limited to Sweden alone. ORHAY is composed of literary Assyrian/Chaldian/Syriac artists, photographers, writers, poets, film makers, musicians, composers, singers, and more. Assyrians, Chaldians and Syriac are the original people of Mesopotamia, which is widely known today as the cradle of civilization.

ORHAY's Mission:
ORHAY is committed to bring together our Nation's intellectuals and creative minds and to share and promote their contemporary literary works.

ORHAY's Vision:
ORHAY has a vision to share the works of its members with all of humanity and to show the world the modern and the prevailing face of our Mesopotamian Nation.

Some of ORHAY's Activities:
We continue to organize local and worldwide activities to promote our members and their literary and creative works. In addition, we urge all members and non-members to spread out the word, among our own people and to the rest of the world, about the creation of ORHAY. Our members have been multiplying all over the world and our literary activities spread worldwide. All Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac artists and writers are welcome to join ORHAY. Learn more about us through our Web site: and contact us via e-mail:

We plan to publish our first yearly Journal, "ORHAY Literary Journal" in 2003. We encourage all Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac writers and artists to participate by sending us their creative works written and edited in a scholarly manner. Please send your work via e-mail .

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